A beautiful summer is shifting to a soggy fall and work on the Grafton Lake project continues. We submitted our rezoning proposal in June and it’s been making the rounds of municipal staff and committees. We have learned that it is scheduled to go in front of Council for first reading on October 24th.

We’ve also made an application to change boundaries to the Agricultural Land Reserve: basically asking to take some land out to provide space for the Orchard Recovery Centre to expand and give space for part of a road and the guest house. At the same time we are requesting that a similar portion of land – the new White Swan Orchard – be added to the ALR. You’re invited to check out our application and maps. As part of the public process for ALR boundary changes, you’re encouraged to contact Daniel Martin, the Municipality’s island community planner, by October 7th if you have any concerns about the application.

Recently we got a letter from islander Daniel Heald with what he sees as pros and cons of the Grafton Lake rezoning proposal. We’ve responded to his pithy questions on the website. We’ve added them to our Answers section as well.

We’ve had an excellent growing season this year. The young trees we planted in the White Swan Orchard have grown a foot or two in height, and some even have apples – pretty good for their first year.

We’ll remind you in advance of the date for first reading at Council, in case you’d like to attend. And of course please send us any questions, concerns or ideas you have about the Grafton Lake Lands.