Finding the brightest future for Grafton Lake

In a darkened room the council and John Reid view a screen with a map of Grafton Lake visible.

John Reid presenting to Bowen Municipal Council of the Whole – livestream image.

On Tuesday, October 13th, John Reid made a presentation to the Bowen Municipality Council of the Whole to outline the progress to date on planning for the future of the Grafton Lake Lands. He offered an explanation of how greenways can be central to development. John then asked for Council to become involved by allowing staff and committees to engage in planning discussions before a formal proposal is submitted – and they agreed. Here is the slideshow he gave. For people who’ve already seen “Growing Bowen Mindfully” the first half of the show may be a bit familiar, but there is quite a bit of new material in the second half.

You can also watch part of the event on the Municipality’s Livestream page.

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