Fig-7-Grafton-Lake-Watershed-v2-500pxtallMarch 14, 2015

The entire watershed equates to 1784 acres. Of this, 58% is private land being used for residential, agricultural and commercial purposes.

The main road that accesses the western half of the island runs directly through the middle of the entire length of the watershed.

On a positive note, several municipal parks have been acquired and are adding protection to the more significant creek corridors. These are Headwaters, Quarry, Burgess and Buchanan parks.

The proposed Nature Reserve would add another 149 acres of protection to this watershed and another 50 acres of protection to sensitive lands outside the watershed boundaries of Grafton Lake.

The creation of the proposed nature preserve will ensure these lands will never be developed for residential or agricultural use, as they are zoned at present. It will also create a community asset that can be enjoyed as Quarry and Headwaters park are today.

Map prepared by Whitehead Environmental Consultants Ltd.
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Next week we will talk about access. Should we have any??