Prepared by Whitehead Environmental Consultants Ltd.

On March 5th 2015 the Environmental Report was released. View the Grafton Lake Rezoning Environmental Report in PDF format. Here are notes from the conclusion:

Sensitive wetland areas on the west shore of Grafton Lake , Bowen Island, BC

Sensitive wetland areas on the west shore of Grafton Lake.

It is concluded that the subject property contains five types of environmentally sensitive areas: freshwater habitats (lake and streams) and their riparian zones; wetlands and their riparian zones; inland bluffs, and wildlife trees.  Of these, the freshwater and wetland ecosystems and their riparian zones are found to be the most important Environmentally Sensitive Areas on the Project lands. In addition, the extensive contiguous forested areas within the Project lands function as an important north-south corridor or greenway for wildlife movement between the natural habitats on Mount Gardner and the ecological reserve on Mount Apodaca.

The proposed land use areas were found to be focused on the previously disturbed areas of the Project lands, where environmental sensitivity is low. None of the proposed conceptual land uses were found to fall within the identified ESAs. The freshwater, wetland and riparian ecosystems and water resources are already protected under existing federal, provincial and municipal regulatory frameworks. In addition, the proposed nature preserve or park surrounds the largest and most important of these sensitive areas on the Project lands – Grafton Lake and its riparian zone – potentially providing permanent protection of the local ecological functions and services, by design.

It is our professional opinion that the potential environmental impacts due to future development, as outlined in the conceptual land use plan, are very low and the potential environmental benefits are very high. This conclusion is subject to the full compliance with the prevailing regulations and adequate implementation of the mitigation approaches recommended in this report or to be developed during the detailed design phase.

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