Postit notes on the Possibilities Poster

The Possibilities Poster

After the Community Farm workshop, the post it notes, photographs, stories, the Storytellings report and personal relationships strengthened became the first harvest from the community farm at Grafton Lake. We were lucky to have Corrina Keeling interpreting and visualizing our ideas on paper, as another lasting record of the ideas of the day.

The Roadmap for the Day The Post-its Poster begins
Grafton Lake Process The Post-its Poster
A group of four discuss ideas Making sense of a stack of ideas on post it notes
During the day, participants discussed over small tables all the aspects that they felt were important in considering a community farm. April Bosshard and Corrina sifted through the stacks of notes created by the participants.

And Corrina turned that into this:

Grafton Lake Possibilities

The competed Possibilities Poster

Go ahead, click on it and watch it grow! It’s the distilled vision for how to create a community farm on Bowen Island.

Corrina also created a word cloud to summarize the themes that emerged.

Grafton Lake Wordcloud