John Reid meets with people in the Bowfest tentThere was a jubilant spirit at Bowfest this year. People were welcoming the rain.

We insulated our tent with maps, and secured everything with duct tape in the wind and rain. In from the downpour came a steady trickle of visitors to talk about our current ideas for the future of Grafton Lake, and let us know what they think about it.

A couple of people said ‘nothing should happen there’. And that would be great: if a buyer came forward with a fair full or partial preservation offer the owners would be open to it.

Some people spoke to the idea of small homes, and we discussed what ‘affordable’ means. One person said ‘350 thousand dollars is affordable’, which is pretty specific. Of course we don’t know yet what things will need to cost. Regarding the meaning of ‘small’, one thought was a lot size of five to six thousand square feet, with a house size of 600 square feet, on up to about 1200 square feet. One or two mentioned having vacation trailers or a common building where guests might stay.

One person was concerned about the effect of small lots on existing local properties. By the way, one aspect is that these small properties would back onto substantial greenways, so many lots will seem bigger than their property lines would suggest.

Several recreational ideas for the lake were suggested. Whether or not to have any activity on the lake is a question the Municipality will ultimately decide.

The tent at Bowfest: hunkered down with a blue tarp over it, and a large sign reading 'we're here to listen'.People opined about what would make a small house great; we heard things like: making heating costs low with solar energy and good insulation, open concept, two bedrooms, rooftop gardens, light and airy, modern or arts and crafts style… even murphy beds for saving space.

Soon we will host a workshop for people to talk more about what they could see for buildings as part of the overall Grafton Lake project. Stay tuned, and please encourage others to sign up for these updates so they have a chance to speak their minds as well.