Resources for Conservation Development

Learning Library

The following embedded books, PDFs and links give a window into different approaches to Conservation Development. While we don’t endorse any of them in particular for Bowen, each can help us determine which ideas might work here. Many deal with more urban environments that don’t have the same potential as Bowen, but they show how bylaws and policy can be crafted that result in a much richer and healthier environment for all.

Online Books about Conservation Development

These attractive publications can be read right here – each has an icon to click for full screen viewing.

Toolkit for Conservation Development – California

Green Infrastructure – The Conservation Fund, 2006, U.S.

Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Planning and Design in Managed Landscapes, 2015

Regional Open Space Strategy for Maricopa County, 2018

Watershed Conservation Planning – Texas

Other great online publications about greenways

Online Books – Urban Greenway Plans

Low Impact Development – Knoxville, Tennessee 2013


Conservation Development and Bowen Studies

Conservation Subdivision Design: an overview, by Randall Arendt

Bowen Island Parks Plan 2018-2028
This plan identifies key areas of interest for preservation. Though it focuses on trails and parks, these could be nested inside a broader greenway network.

Grafton Lake Wildlife & Species At Risk Study, 2017

Conservation-Based Affordable Housing, The Conservation Fund, Virginia

Greenway Planning: developing a landscape ecological network approach, 1995

Model Greenway Plans

City of North Vancouver Parks & Greenways Strategic Plan (PDF), 2002

Coquitlam Parks Master Trail Plan, 2013 update

Franklin County Greenway and Open Space Plan, Pennsylvania

Heywood Park Master Plan, North Vancouver, 2010

Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Plan, 2016

Ontario Greenway Vision, 2006

Pitt River Regional Greenway Concept Plan

Salmon Arm Greenway Strategy: “Weave It Green”

Model Ordinances

Examples of bylaws that have been tried in other jurisdictions. Bowen Island will need its own custom bylaws.

American Planning Association’s Smart Codes: Model Land-Development Regulations

Cluster Ordinance, 2002

Conservation Design Overlay

Model Conservation by Design Ordinance for Pennsylvania
Growing Greener

Bellingham Greenway Levy Acquisition Approval Policy, 2006

Franklin County Greenway and Open Space Plan, 2007

Chester County Pennsylvania – Greenways – including model ordinances

Knoxville Development Code

Residential Cluster Development

Free satellite data

Google Earth Engine – Timelapse imagery over 30 years

GIS Geography

Research Links

Wikipedia Entry on Residential Cluster Development

Greenways in Vancouver – creating greenways in an already urban environment

BC Coastal Forests – World Wildlife Fund

Is Nature Good for You?

Great articles summarizing studies proving nature is good for your health in specific ways:

According to recent research, physically being in a natural environment promotes cognitive performance and offers higher resistance to stress, because of exposure to a bacterium called Mycobacterium vaccae. In the brains of mice, and thus likely in humans, this bacterium leads to a higher release of the neurotransmitter serotonin.