Plant a memory & plan the future

The Project with No Name is now underway. Our story so far:

Community workshop to brainstorm the project last May
Field cleared to let in more light
Well dug
Power coming soon

On our to do list:

form the team
plant the orchard
name the place

Seeking people not afraid to get their hands dirty
Many people will ultimately be welcome to garden at Grafton, […]

Opening the gardens to the sun

Trees in motion
Several people have noticed some activity on the agricultural land across from Grafton Lake lately, so we thought it best to let you know what we are up to.  We’re preparing the site so that it will be ready in the spring for the beginnings of our community gardens. We just completed the […]

First Harvest at the Farm

After the Community Farm workshop, the post it notes, photographs, stories, the Storytellings report and personal relationships strengthened became the first harvest from the community farm at Grafton Lake. We were lucky to have Corrina Keeling interpreting and visualizing our ideas on paper, as another lasting record of the ideas of the day.

The Roadmap for […]

The Full Story: Ed Wachtman gets to the heart of stories about a future farm

Bowen Islanders Ed Wachtman and Sheree Johnson operate StoryTellings™, featuring their research process which uses stories and a proprietary narrative analysis technique to help organizations discover the unconscious emotional motivations that drive people’s behaviour. They have been analyzing stories to draw out the deeper emotional messages for many years. We invited them to lead the […]

The Farm: quotes from your stories

Ed Wachtman organized people in the last hour of the agricultural workshop to write personal visions of how the future at the farm beside Grafton Lake would look in the future. A wide, deep picture emerged. While we can’t pass the stories along because they were anonymous, we felt it would be okay to give […]