Presenting a rezoning proposal for the Grafton Lake Lands

For about a year and a half we’ve been describing ideas for the future of Grafton Lake and discussing them with Bowen Islanders. Today we’re announcing a new milestone: we’ve summed it all up in our rezoning proposal and submitted it to the Municipality.

We’ve put together a ‘virtuous circle’ of ideas that could make it […]

How small? How many?

Temperature Check on Housing with Council and Committees
We want to ensure that our development does its part in providing Bowen Island with a diversity of housing. To this end, we have committed to building smaller more affordable market homes that will serve the needs of young families as well as those looking to downsize and […]

The Full Story: Ed Wachtman gets to the heart of stories about a future farm

Bowen Islanders Ed Wachtman and Sheree Johnson operate StoryTellings™, featuring their research process which uses stories and a proprietary narrative analysis technique to help organizations discover the unconscious emotional motivations that drive people’s behaviour. They have been analyzing stories to draw out the deeper emotional messages for many years. We invited them to lead the […]

Bowen Conservancy issues Grafton environmental report

On July 22nd, 2015, the Bowen Island Conservancy released an environmental assessment on the Grafton Lake Lands, commissioned by them from independent consultants Claudia Schaefer and Nick Page of Raincoast Applied Ecology. You can read the report here, or check out the Conservancy website and view it there.

The Conservancy has taken a keen interest in […]