Our Animal Neighbours

The Art Rennison Nature Reserve maintains a large natural corridor around the lake and connecting the Ecological Reserve with Mount Gardner. This preserves a varied habitat and many animal species. Here are some neighbours you may encounter on your walk. Remember they don’t all mix well with our beloved pets, so please know your animal and help everyone get along.

Healthy  Populations

Some animals who you may see often on Bowen Island.

Common Bowen Island Animals: North American River Otter; Pileated Woodpecker; Northwestern Salamander; Columbian Black-Tailed Deer
American Beaver; Great Horned Owl; Northern Alligator Lizard; Little Brown Bat

Blue-listed, Special Concern

Particularly sensitive to human activities or natural events and which may become threatened or endangered because of a combination of biological characterisics and identified threats.

Blue listed Bowen species: Band-tailed Pigeon; Rusty Blackbird; Double-crested Cormorant; Blue Dasher
Blue-listed Bowen Species: Oregon Forestsnail; Northern Red-Legged Frog; Great Blue Heron; Barn Swallow; Autumn Meadowhawk

Threatened (and likely not still on Bowen)

Likely to become an endangered species if nothing is done to reverse the factors leading to its extirpation or extinction in Canada.

Red listed Bowen species: Olive-sided Flycatcher; Painted Turtle; Western Screech Owl; Townsend's Big-Eared Bat