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Grafton Update: Jan 2018

Art Rennison Nature Preserve Flyover

ALR boundary changes; planned First Reading of rezoning proposal

A beautiful summer is shifting to a soggy fall and work on the Grafton Lake project continues. We submitted our rezoning proposal in June and it’s been making the rounds of municipal staff and committees. We have learned that it is scheduled to go in front of Council for first reading on October 24th.

We’ve also […]

Map: proposed ALR changes

Answering questions about the Grafton Project

Bowen Islander Daniel Heald responded to the Grafton Lake Rezoning Proposal with a letter to the Municipality and us. We always appreciate feedback: positive or negative it helps us get a feeling for what people want, and a chance to explain our perspective. He raised a number of questions. Below we’ve paraphrased them a bit […]

Presenting a rezoning proposal for the Grafton Lake Lands

For about a year and a half we’ve been describing ideas for the future of Grafton Lake and discussing them with Bowen Islanders. Today we’re announcing a new milestone: we’ve summed it all up in our rezoning proposal and submitted it to the Municipality.

We’ve put together a ‘virtuous circle’ of ideas that could make it […]

Plant a memory & plan the future

The Project with No Name is now underway. Our story so far:

Community workshop to brainstorm the project last May
Field cleared to let in more light
Well dug
Power coming soon

On our to do list:

form the team
plant the orchard
name the place

Seeking people not afraid to get their hands dirty
Many people will ultimately be welcome to garden at Grafton, […]

Opening the gardens to the sun

Trees in motion
Several people have noticed some activity on the agricultural land across from Grafton Lake lately, so we thought it best to let you know what we are up to.  We’re preparing the site so that it will be ready in the spring for the beginnings of our community gardens. We just completed the […]

How small? How many?

Temperature Check on Housing with Council and Committees
We want to ensure that our development does its part in providing Bowen Island with a diversity of housing. To this end, we have committed to building smaller more affordable market homes that will serve the needs of young families as well as those looking to downsize and […]

John Reid describes the project outline to Council

Finding the brightest future for Grafton Lake

On Tuesday, October 13th, John Reid made a presentation to the Bowen Municipality Council of the Whole to outline the progress to date on planning for the future of the Grafton Lake Lands. He offered an explanation of how greenways can be central to development. John then asked for […]