February 27, 2015

This week we are adding 3 maps prepared by Whitehead Environmental Consultants Ltd.

Fig.1-Grafton-Lk-Lands-Location.v3-1200pxtallLocation on Bowen Island

This shows the location of the lands as they sit within the island as a whole. This map also shows the present public lands on the island including municipal parks and crown land. We are presently working on a map of the Grafton lake watershed which demonstrates how park dedications over the last 15 years have been building in environmental protection as well as increasing our network of public trails.

You can click on these maps to see larger versions.

Map showing property lines of Grafton Lake Lands and neighboursThe Land Parcels and Agricultural Land Reserve

Here we show the 5 parcels that have been assembled by Primex which is enabling us to propose the Nature Preserve that completely surrounds the lake. Also the Agricultural Reserve lands are shown. We are proposing that the ALR lands on the lake side of Grafton Road be left as is and are included in the Preserve. The lands on the southside of Grafton Road will be brought back into some form of agricultural use.

Fig.3-Grafton-Lk-Lands-Use-Zones.v3-1200pxPossible preserve and other areas

This map shows the extent of the Nature Preserve and by default the development areas. These areas are numbered so that we can refer to them in future discussions. Area 1 is a very large piece and will be divided into sub areas at a later date. There will also be more parkland dedicated within this area at a later time once more detailed planning has been done. It is our intent to conduct site visits (walkabouts) for the public at different times in both the development areas and different parts of the Nature Preserve. If you wish to be informed of these walkabouts please be sure to sign up for notification though our contact this

Although the lands are private and at present there is no public access, there are many trails that have been used by the public for decades. This drawing shows the location of the more significant trail routes and our suggestions for new ones. What do you think? You can comment below, or on our Facebook page.