The Grafton Lake Lands stretch from the slopes of Mt. Gardner across the valley floor and up to the Ecological Reserve, an area of 350 acres. They are right in the centre of Bowen Island, and the only road across the island passes through.

Starting in the 1970s, Primex Investments assembled a collection of five contiguous parcels of land around the lake. About a year and a half ago they put the properties up for sale, prompting local developer John Reid to approach Primex with the idea of creating an approximately 200-acre nature preserve around the lake and moving any development to the less sensitive areas of the property.

The area features dense lowland rainforest, maze-like wetlands and the second largest lake on the island. The lake provides water for Snug Cove, and the Municipality maintains a small dam where the road meets the lake and a stream. Across the road from the lake, on land included in the agricultural land reserve, is a stand of alder trees and open field.

John has been exploring the development alternatives that would make room for the nature preserve, and possibly bring agricultural land back into production. Appropriate housing and work space would fit in areas of low impact. He feels it is time to open up the discussion to a wider audience. We hope that this dialogue will lead us to the best possible outcome for the Bowen Island community.

We’ll add information over time to this site, present and invite ideas, receive feedback and notify interested parties as new information comes available.

A poster of themes about the future of Grafton Lake, Bowen Island, British Columbia

Graphic interpreter Corrina Keeling created this poster at the Agricultural Hub Workshop earlier this spring, reflecting discussion about a community farm now in the works.

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Rezoning Proposal submitted to Bowen Municipality and you

An image of the small homes on relatively small lots we propose.June 2016 – It’s a big milestone: after 18 months of discussion and consideration, we’ve submitted our proposal for the Grafton Lake Lands to the public and the Bowen Island Municipality. This begins the process of ‘official’ consultation with the public and local government. We of course have tried to let everyone know what we had in mind and have had a lot of useful feedback to inform the proposal. So we’ve tried to make the book entertaining and informative, and we hope you’ll take a look…

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Answering questions about the Grafton Project


Bowen Islander Daniel Heald responded to the Grafton Lake Rezoning Proposal with a letter to the Municipality and us. We always appreciate feedback: positive or negative it helps us get a feeling for what people […]

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