he Grafton Lake Lands are at the centre of Bowen Island, only seven kilometers from Snug Cove. They stretch from the slopes of Mt. Gardner across the valley floor with its lake and up to the Ecological Reserve, comprising an area of 350 acres. Here a new community is now putting down roots.

At the heart of the Grafton Lake project, the new 227-acre will Art Rennison Nature Reserve surround the lake. It features a trail, leafy lowland rainforest, wetlands and the second largest lake on the island. This lake serves as the reservoir for much of the eastern side of the island.

Areas to the east and south of the lake will feature small homes, parks, a community garden and small stream as well as access to the rest of the island by roads and a trail network. Snug Cove is only three kilometers away.

To the east of the lake we’ve planted the sunny White Swan Orchard with about 200 fruit trees. Across the road to the south is the Grafton Community Garden, accessible to all who live in the local community and the island as a whole.

Over the next few years we’ll be creating about 101  units of mixed housing, with a focus on small homes on small lots. We hope this will help people of all ages, from young families to seniors, to find home in this beautiful area at a price they can afford, and bring together people who cherish the natural setting on this lush island near Vancouver.

Rental housing will be available here, as well as possible neighbourhood office spaces and one or more retreat centres. Water will be provided from a brand new water purification plant at the northeast corner of the lands which will also serve the entire Snug Cove and Deep Bay area.

It’s important to us that the Grafton Lake community reflect the values and aspirations of Bowen islanders. Developer John Reid has lived here for decades, and Island Garden Estates has held the property for a long time as well.

Thank you to all those who have engaged with the community consultation about this project since it began in 2015. We are creating a community that is sensitive to the island’s natural infrastructure, while meeting the evolving housing needs of current and future residents. This goal would not have been realized without the generous input and feedback that was contributed throughout the public rezoning process. The plan was approved in December 2019 and we are excited to be moving to the next stage of bringing this new community to life.

As part of our first phase, the majority of the lands around Grafton Lake will be dedicated as a municipal park of over 200 acres, with public walking trails surrounding the lake and connecting to the island’s growing trail system.

Phase One Release Summer 2021  

11 sunny, lake-view, serviced home sites will be available to purchase – a rare opportunity to build your own home overlooking Grafton Lake

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The lowland rainforest and mountain reflect in Grafton LakeView the video now

Fly over and around Grafton Lake in this video. It shows areas within the preserve and provides a little information about how we worked with the public to find a plan to preserve healthy, regionally significant ecosystems while maintaining connections for people and other animals across the valley from the Eco Reserve to Mount Gardner. See the video and learn more here.

Map showing the Art Rennison Nature Reserve areas to the north of Grafton Road, and the subdivision lines for coming lots to the east of the lake

Above: Map of the new park and residential lots on the north side of Grafton Road.